Monday, 25 November 2013


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Monday, 11 November 2013

Dressed down

After the whole Diwali season of wearing heavy clothes and ogles of makeup I got so tired that yesterday I totally decided to dress down. I just picked up a random black top from my wardrobe to pair with my basic blue denims but we all know bloggers like us can't dress without a tadka.

Here is my dress for last night street side dinner where I have come in a dusky avatar and absolutely no make up apart from a kajal underline for my eyes. To top it I had made a messy hair puff to complement my look.

I got this messy hair look by tying my hair into a bun for a few hours and just made the puff with my hands. PS for this look avoid using a comb.

Happy Styling!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Power of a Fragrance

 Everyone must be talking to you and giving you tips and tricks on what to do for Diwali. You will have a flood of posts regarding the preparations of the biggest hindu festival but what after that? Let’s talk about what should be your daily preparation and routine after 3 November 2013.

For us it is not only till Diwali but we are in the mood at least one week prior and one week after the festival. Even after Diwali you will still have to share sweets with a few of your friends or maybe you host a Diwali party after that.

Even after a few days the hangover still continues but we need to get back to our routines. The other day some guests were expected post diwali so I told my mom to use products to decorate the house with fragrance. 

I have to get back to my work very soon after Diwali. Also I need to get back to my work out regime, that day when I forced myself to hit the gym because it had been 10 days without any work out. Festivals in India mean only sweets, you are just meant to hog!

I was driving to my gym and suddenly I realized my sister had put a new car perfume. I put on the ac and shut the windows to see what it was and it took me totally into the monsoon. It was some fresh green from godrej aer. I was so delighted to feel the monsoon smell in winters.

The next day I was driving to work and it was a long tedious drive after sleeping late and I realised a new perfume in my car. It was some flowery fragrance from godrej aer.

I have come to terms with the fact that the fragrance creates the whole ambiance of a place, it can lift up your mood, take you back into memories and lastly it can breathe freshness into your body.

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” - Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard

Happy Styling!

Give your Fragrance

The Diwali season also marks the commencement of the wedding season in India. Many people wait to get married at this time of the year as it is said in our holy scriptures also that these months have the most auspicious days to tie the knot.

Many of my friends are in the process of finding partners this year, some by getting it arranged and others by undying love. People are getting engaged, hooked and married in every corner of this country.

Recently I was invited to a cousin’s engagement ceremony and since it was an inter-caste relationship we knew nothing about their customs and traditions. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun by discussions and leg pulling!

My parents asked me for advice when they wanted to gift them something special and different. I had recently heard of products from my friends and this was my time to take it forward. I looked up on the site and they had four flavors –
1 cool Blue
2 fresh green
3 flowery pink
4 musk black

And all these are available in bottles for room fresheners and car fragrances. The best thing about this product being that it is gel form unlike other fragrances and therefore it doesn't spill or evaporate.

It is highly cost effective as it can be used for a longer time, that’s exactly what we all desire, right!

So after the whole long discussion about what to gift the newly engaged couple we zeroed down on this Godrej product for our rescue.

We bought home fragrances for them and we gave them a bottle of Fresh Green and Flowery Pink so that they have a mix of two distinct fragrances. As soon as they got it, they opened and spread it in the banquet hall to check how well it works. The hall was smelling of fresh green from everywhere and there were guests who wanted to know which flowers did we get and then me and my cousin just winked.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Godrej Aer - My savior

 I told you in the last article that I bought two fragrances to try for myself and how sure I wanted to be before sending it out to anyone. I tried the rose fragrance for my home and the musk car fragrance for my car.

I put in the car before going for work as I thought it would keep my Monday morning blues at bay but there was something else that happened. I used the Musk fragrance for my car and I am so happy because incidentally I dropped soya milk in my car that very day itself. I dreaded the series of consequences that I would have to face now, since I stay alone I would have to take the pain of taking the car to the garage and get it cleaned and mainly get the filthy smell out! I somehow managed to get it cleaned and I had kept my tissues ready to cover my nose before getting into the car.

As I entered the car in the evening dreaded and prepared to my surprise I did not find any foul smell, in fact the car smelled of the musk perfume that I had put. I absolutely have no words for how grateful I was to this who made such a product which could surpass the smell of spilled milk.

It was that very day that I had planned to go for dinner with my girlies but after the milk accident, I cancelled my plans. I was sure that I would have to go to the garage. I started calling everyone from the car itself and told them how one car perfume had changed the course of events and I could carry forward my awesome dinner.

All in all it was not a well begun but a well spent Monday and all thanks to my godrej aer musk car perfume that saved me all the trouble. Girlies try it and tell me know how you liked it.

Happy Styling!


Friday, 25 October 2013

Gift in Style

It is Diwali and we are thinking of what to gift our friends loved ones; I have this habit of giving all my friends something new every year. This year when I was looking up on the net to check what is new, a new range of Godrej air fragrances Godrej Aer caught my attention. Though not very sure but I wanted to give it a try.

The next day I went to the market and I bought two fragrances- Petal Crush Pink for my home and Musk for my car. I was very curious to know how well these work before actually sending it out to my friends. I always get compliments for whatever I send them every year and it would be my responsibility to choose the best option.

I put the Petal Crush Pink in my home and believe me it made my house smell so fresh right in the morning. I put it all over the house and a little extra in my room because I love the flowery, fruity smell. It stayed for good 4-5 hours and even when I returned from work in the evening the house was still fragrant and I could feel the change. It was like a stress buster when I entered into a flowery smelling room at night, it made me so fresh just after a bath.

Now I am really sure of what I would like to send across to all my friends. The best is that I have four options to choose from, I would send car fragrances for all the men and the women will get the home fragrances.

Here goes my list of choosing flavors depending on their choices,

My sister – Cool blue
My Mom – Petal Crush Pink
My dad – Fresh Green perfume
My Guy – Musk car perfume

Apart from this the childhood friends will get everything according to how they are –
Blue for the Cool
Green for the Cute
Pink for the Flower lover
Musk for the Boys.

I think you would have gotten some help for choosing fragrances for your friends.

Happy Styling!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Love in Style

He is in the U S and I am here in India. I have not seen him in two years. We both love each other a lot but all our conversations in the last few years have been restricted to phone and skype. I don't know how things will be when he comes back.

We have been childhood sweethearts but life has changed now. I am not too sure on what I want from my life and so is he. He is a stern businessman and me a free lance writer and teacher.  Our social groups have become different and also our financial status.

In the middle this dilemma I got the news that he is coming to India for good. This morning he sent me a mail that he wants to meet me. Needless to say our families want us to tie the knot soon. But I am scared, for what is going to happen next, if he started liking someone there or anything else.

The D day has come and I have to meet him today. I don't know how to dress, should I be wearing a suit or a long dress or what!

I manage to pull out a new yellow netted top that I bought from hill road. A black jeans to make it look subtle and red pumps. I put on little make up with a bright red lip color. Though it looked sober for a date but I was not sure what kind of a date it was.

We went to this pool side restaurant and sat quietly. There was an uncomfortable silence that had crept in. The nervousness had killed my appetite. He started the conversation and we spoke about random mundane things to make it easy. Soon after our food came which was Vegetable Sizzler which is usually my favorite and after that sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream. I was surprised that he remembered so much and very happy inside.

We spoke for a while and he dropped me home. As I was opening the door of the car, he just pulled out a rose from nowhere. He gave it to me and said 'You are my life, I love you'. He kissed me on my cheek and I must have turned tomato red. He then showed me the platinum ring that he had bought for me. He told me that he was looking forward to meeting and was equally anxious. He also said he was sure I would love this gesture and how much he missed me back there.

Platinum is best suited for our love because our love for each other has stood strong. Despite the distance we have still been there for each other and the distance has only got our hearts fonder. Our love is like the Platinum rare and eternal. When it is with us it just beautifies us and we are proud to be in this relationship like it is with Platinum. That day has proved that we should celebrate our bond with nothing less than the worth of Platinum love bands for each other.

We will always cherish this date night!