Thursday, 28 March 2013

Girl Problems - Mobile Phone

Dear Lord,

Please let me tell you something that when I have a phone as big as my notebook I can't carry it everywhere in bare hands. I need a good Louis Vutton bag to add some tadka to my style. Also there is another major problem that if I don't keep it in my hands I can't heat the ring which makes the people mad at me so the bag should also have loudspeakers.

I can't keep an all black or Grey phone its just so tacky therefore to let me image be where it is I have to color its back or even if it's a pretty purple I won't mind.

The cover should not look jazzy yet match upto me. And should have unstoppable memory,  never hang.

The most important - it should be in fashion.

Yours Sincerely
Girl who owns Note 2

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