Sunday, 24 March 2013

So You think You are fat? - 1

Girls you must have all gone through this state of 'Am I looking fat?' asking all your near and dear ones and even when they say no you don't believe them and still think you are Fat.

Here is to how you can hide your extra weight on different parts of your body

Some Key factors to keep in mind whatever body shape you have

  • Highlight your neckline and feet
  • Try not to wear body hugging clothes on heavy parts of the body
  • Play around you height
  • Use bright make-up if you want people to highlight it
  • Wearing bright Nail paints in hands and feet can help you
As a Style Consultant I would always recommend you to buy clothes according to your shape and this is something you can get expert advice on. 

Body shapes

Your body type is: Straight

This is the most common body type for thin girls so do not worry just carry yourself well and look like a princess
That means you have a very equally proportionate bust and hips and both of them are not very curvy. What you can do now is wear something that highlights your waistline like a thick belt or a wide waisted pant. You can also try bright prints on your bust and chunk neck pieces to highlight your top body.

The best examples of this body shape are

Natalie Portman

Anushka Sharma


Thia is how you can deck up your straight figure by choosing from an array of these dresses.

Here are a few dresses recommended for you personally by us


New and lots more Body shape posts coming up till then

Happy Styling!

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