Monday, 8 April 2013

Brands v/s No Brands

In today's world when everyone is running after brands I have to give you girls some interesting style tips. All the girls want to be the Diva but trust me you can do it without being branded from head to toe.

I have a list of stuff that you should buy branded and the stuff that you can do without the branded stuff as well. We girls cannot even have a single accessory so therefore invest wisely so you can always listen to your heart and keep your purse healthy.

  • Cosmetics
You should always buy branded cosmetics that touch your skin but you can always experiment with nail colors.

  • Accessory
You can always invest in non branded pretty looking accessories like - earrings, bracelets, and anklets

  • Bags
Invest in a branded bag but also buy matching non branded bags that you can use daily or you can match them with the haute dress you have that you will wear occasionally

  • Clothes
With such a wide array of options to pick from, clothes is the biggest selling product among the womenfolk.
Clothes you can mix your wardrobe with the branded and non branded stuff because you will realize your regular everyday tops and kurtas do not have to have big labels you can buy them off the street. Kurtas especially you can choose from a wide array of dress materials available and choose your own color combination.

This is from me about the Branded v/s Non Branded but you should use your wit and jurisdiction to decide while investing 

Happy Shopping!

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