Saturday, 6 April 2013

Getting Rid of Skin Tan

Skin Tanning is one of the biggest worries of Modern life. Whatever your age is you want get rid of the tanned marks that you get on your skin after going out in the sun. Today, the problem with most women is that they are working and they cannot avoid going out. Also with the busy schedules and tough life maintaining the skin becomes an issue especially when we live in a country where we have a very long summer season.

Here is a very effective way removing skin tan from your body

Khatta Dahi

Khatta Dahi (Sour Curd) this is a form of curd that gets sour over time due to heat. You could also keep the curd in direct sunlight so that it gets sour and takes this form

How to use

  • a glass bowl
  • sour curd
  • a light cotton cloth
  • a loofah


Strain the curd with the help of the light cotton cloth. Now you will get a semi solid curd. Dry your body and soak the loofah in the curd. With the help of the loofah gently scrub the curd on your body. Remember to put more amount of curd on hands and do not use a loofah for your face you might damage the skin. After you have put the curd let it rest for 10 mins. Then wash it with water and avoid using soap for best results but if you don't like the curd smell use your regular soap and you will get away with it easily. Pat yourself dry.

With a regular use of curd you will notice even very old tan marks fade away from your skin.

Hung Curd


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