Friday, 29 March 2013

So You think You Are Fat? - 2

Your body type is: Apple

The Apple Shape means you have a bigger top frame of the body and a thinner lower frame. You might have very thin and long legs and smaller waist. You tend to look huger in your pics when you wear an all colored dress. All you need to do for your dressing is that highlight your lower body with which you can wear simple tops and jazzy lowers. Try wearing belts and floral prints on skirts to create an illusion of a proportionate body. You can use bright shoes or heels and feet accessories to make everyone look down.

The Top celebrities who have an Apple shaped body like you are

Angelina Jolie

The Indian Touch we have Bipasha Basu

These are the various trends that Apple shaped celebrities have used. 
Look out for more shapes that a female body has in further posts. till then,
Happy Styling!

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