Saturday, 6 April 2013


Eyes are the most beautiful and delicate part of our face. Enhancing your eyes is very important.You can do it by applying makeup with right technique.Its is essential to use the right kind of base while using eye shadow or other kind of makeup.

Few basic steps which should be kept in mind while applying eye shadow-

First step- apply liquid concealer or dab foundation on the top of your eye ,you can also use shadow primer on your eye lid .This helps in retaining the eye make up .You can apply it with makeup sponge or clean fingers.

Second step-prefer applying a neutral shade that suits your skin type.You can use colors such as peach or light brown .This would act as a good base, apply this base properly as it would help you to retain your makeup.

Third step-choose a color that suits your skin tone.Apply darker shades of the basic color.This is the color that would be main color,prominent color.If you want to use more than one color,then apply the lightest one first and keep the darker for end .We always move from light to dark. Do not extend the shadow upwards instead apply it on your tear duct.Use soft,gentle strokes of the brush. Do not rub it but apply it effectively,apply more eye shadow it will last for more hours.

Fourth step-You can apply a liner or mascara but be careful that it does not touches your eye shadow.


Always clean your brush with water .As they should be clean for the next time.


* find the right brush size for yourself ,it should neither be big or small
*invest in good brushes 
*always use a primer
*always use cleansing milk,to remove your eye makeup

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