Sunday, 7 April 2013

Product Review - Maybelline PINK Blossom lip balm

 I have always been interested in using new products. I apply lip shield everyday while going to college but was trying to find something new for outings, parties etc. I don’t like wearing glosses and lip colors. Lipsticks
Finally I found this color changing balm which makes me look decent and smart enough.
At first when I looked at it, I thought, oh its one of those lip balms with a tint of color like a tinted lip balm but when I opened it up, I was surprised that this lip balm doesn't look anything like pink and then I reached for the packaging and read what it exactly is! It’s a color changing lip balm!! So I was like - Ooohhhz and Aaahhhz and tried it on immediately!


Available in two colors PEACH BLOSSOM and PINK BLOSSOM
SPF 16
Rs 99/-

On applying, you will discover a creamy white balm that blossoms on contact with lips to create your own made to measure sensationally sheer pink color. Lips look instantly revived, fresh and so healthy!! Enriched with pro Vitamin E ,known as natural anti oxidant and jojoba oil, lips are continuously nourished making them so soft, smooth and naturally gorgeous.


I applied this and reapplied this after 20 mins and after an hr I saw myself in the mirror and noticed that it turned my lips super bright pink shade. So women with pigmented lips have to be patient with its "magic color changing" lip balm. Even if the balm's glossiness disappears after a time, the lovely pink shade is left on the lips like a lip tint shade ^_^.

I love the sleek packaging because it is very portable. I can just stick it to my pocket. Its color coordinates with the respective shade. It is travel friendly and quite eye catching.
The best part about this product is that the stick is not very soft, so I can rub a few times without melting it. i find most lip gloss very sticky and disappointing but the color changer not only helps me to change my lip color instead it makes my lips look more beautiful. I found it greasier than other lip balms. It comes with SPF 16 which is pretty decent so you can keep your lips from sun damage. In other words it acts as a protective sheath to your lips and its mild color makes you look perfect for afternoons. It has a faint smell and is tasteless.
It is a pink color lip gloss as the name suggests Maybelline color bloom. The balm stick is white in color and changes into sheer pink tint when you apply it. The color adjusts to the acidity of lips, so the color varies from person to person.

The color changes to light pink after 2 swipes and stronger after about 4 swipes. You can however build it up if you want more color, but i think it would be more disappointing for lips. The actual color comes after 20 minutes, it is the color which matches your skin tone and makes your lips ready for party.

Overall, it is a nice lip balm which kind of brings out a little bit of your lip's pink shade pop with some glossiness. I might repurchase this in other colors if I get a chance or whenever. These are great for gifting purpose too since it is not expensive and affordable pocket friendly lip balm on the go.

It is not exactly a tinted lip balm like other line called the "Maybelline - Lip Smooth Tinted Lip Balms" so if you’re looking for a good tinted lip balm then better not go for this lip balm. I think it won’t suffice the needs of those with very dry lips though as i find that , the hydration it provides is just right.

It is very moisturizing so it does its job of what a lip balm is supposed to do. Ladies with pigmented lips won't get disappointed with its color pay off. You have to build up the color on the lips and it gives a glossy finish without the annoying stickiness finish. It has a nice fake strawberry scent. It is one of those tinted lip balms which you apply it in a hurry without a mirror in front of you.
See you next time with a new product so till then take good care of your skin and health!!!
Keep smiling :)

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