Thursday, 4 April 2013


Yes, feeding chocolates is now healthy!! a number of chocolates available in the market catering to your taste.An smooth,sweet, irresistible pleasure can indeed be a part of our healthy diet. Recent studies tell us that chocolates not only satisfy our taste buds but it also reduces stress,tension and certain diseases.

A fatty acid constituent in chocolate eliminates some kinds of "free radicals" found in the bloodstream. These free radicals would normally oxidize ("bad" cholesterol). Once oxidized,  could attach to the walls of the arteries leading to atherosclerosis and blockages.

Additional studies have shown that chocolate can also have a positive effect on platelets. In these studies, researchers found that after consumption of chocolate, the platelets were less likely to aggregate and cause a blood clot.

 The dark delicacy still packs a hefty number of calories per ounce from its fat and sugar content. And as Karen Collins, MS, RD, nutrition ad visor to the American Institute for Cancer Research, points out, "We have a wide range of food—vegetable, fruits, whole grains, beans—that provides thousands of phytochemicals, and so our heart and our cancer health does not depend on eating chocolate. If you load up on chocolate for the phytochemicals, then that's going to send your weight up."

So feeding chocolates is good but to a certain extent.Sudden cravings for chocolates make you more prone to it but according to the research, it can be harmful if eat chocolate after every meal.Vegetables,fruits should be eaten regularly.In short eating 
chocolates cater to our taste buds , make us feel good and energetic.

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