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I have been a huge fan of Olay products and today I will review for you, I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at

I received this package a few days ago and since then I have been trying this cream regularly. I really like the new changes they have made in this cream. Firstly it is not only a cream but cream and serum both which makes it more effective for the skin. Also with an SPF 15 you need not use a sun block lotion at all times of the day. Besides removing the wrinkles and the seven signs of ageing, Olay brings a natural glow to the face and it is by experience that I say this.

I have used a lot of beauty products and cosmetics but Olay cream and face wash have been my favorite because they give what they promise.

The first day I tried this new product I was very skeptical because I have a very sensitive skin but since it was Olay I gave it a try. I washed my face and gently massaged with small droplets of this cream and it was just enough, it just took me mere 5 minutes to get my desired glow on my face. You should use the regular strokes to massage on your face it will also help you reduce wrinkles and you should keep note of what your parlor woman is doing with the massage, you should try and get facial done by the same person with which you will get same strokes every time.

Though I am a regular parlor visitor so I do not have many wrinkles but this cream totally closes my pores and makes the skin look smooth. It does not make my skin very firm but yes it is helping my face to look younger every day. I use the cream twice once in the morning and since I do not usually go out in the sun I am okay else I would advice if you have to work for long hours outside then you should cover it up with a sun block depending on your need and usage.

As for the night cream I don’t need to use anything else over it but I make sure that I wash my face every time before I use the cream so as to get the maximum benefits. The cream does not leave its marks on your face so you can even use it for a makeup base with a foundation. You could also just use pressed powder over it and further create your look as you want to.

This I think is a great formula for all 30+ women who want to make their skin look glowing and look as young as they are at heart. I have also realized one thing that when you apply the cream on a little damp or wet skin your skin will glow much more than applied on dry skin, I don’t really know the reason or the science behind this but I have tried it time and again with many creams and always have found positive results with damp skin.

If you ask me about Repurchase I say definitely Yes but I would like to see Olay in another package that is more user friendly and still stands out in the crowd.

Thumbs Up
The natural glow it brings to your face and it does not look greasy or creamy, it is so even.
You can use it as a base for makeup

Thumbs Down
The package, I feel it creates wastage
There should be more pleasant fragrance to the cream.

Rating – 9/10

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