Monday, 1 July 2013


Many girls today are wanting to learn the wedding etiquette which is an essential part of the post wedding happening especially if you are into an arranged marriage.

Just keep in mind a few things that whenever you are ready for the D day

  • Learn to say OKAY
Even when you don't like something instead of saying no, learn to say Okay and you can end up not doing it but be goodie good on the face

  • Sharpen your memory
Know thy people, know people and meet them with a smile

  • Smile
Even when you hate this world and everything around wear a smile.

  • Be true to yourself
Behave well but do not forget your individuality you have to be there for the rest of your life

  • Put your foot down
When you don't like something just put your foot down and do not agree you might regret this now but it will help you greatly in the long run.

Trust yourself and just create an impression that people won't forget for the rest of their lives!

Happy Styling!

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