Sunday, 18 August 2013


IIJW was held a few days ago in Mumbai. I have my favorites from the event, since it was not a clothes event my focus is totally on the jewelry and the kind of costumes or themes its paired up with.
I personally would like to own them all and get them sparkling on my body, have a look and decide for yourself.

I love how these jewels are placed against red clothes which makes it looks bridal and still not over the top. I love the use of the Mang tika to enhance the look and make cover a wide forehead easily.

Rating - 9/10

These tele actresses show a very regular line of clothes and jewellery which can be endorsed by any woman in her day to day outings. I think they have the most usable pieces of jewellery

rating - 7/10

Another look that has style, class and fashion. I loved the ensemble for its work and colors and then the jewellery which is so traditional yet modern at the same time.

rating - 8/10

happy styling!

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