Saturday, 17 August 2013


We finally met last night and I reached early with Alisha, we just ordered for our drinks and starters then came Aditya, as usual huffing and trying to catch his breath. He is one guy who has always like always been single throughout his life. He did make a girlfriend once but never lasted long. There are girls who want to be with him but somehow he resists that I dont know why.

Alisha and me we were both dressed casual jeans and tops unlike other girls there who were wearing short pretty dresses. Alisha is a natural beauty, she can wear her dirtiest of clothes and still manage to be the talk of the town. I have always admired her for that and her way of doing things, she has always been a winner a at whatever she does.

I was thinking of all this while I saw Yuvraaj coming with my favorite paneer tikka in his hands he always knows how to get a smile on my face. We caught up talking about our old school and our days together and what fun it was. We were pulling each others leg with all the nonsense we have been doing with each other, Aditya left early because there was some family issue with him, it makes me wonder despite being good friends we don't know a lot about him. There are too many layers to this man things that we don't know of probably no one knows of what he has gone through; we have never been to his home and he has never invited us too.

Just while I was quietly drinking a guy came and kissed Alisha on the cheek and That! she slapped right across his cheek and started abusing him. What a sight! I loved it when she used to fight with boys throwing the worst cuss words possible and Yuvraaj was trying to make peace while I was standing by their side and laughing.

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