Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Keeping festive weight at Bay

Ganapati festival is starting tomorrow and I am sure all of you have lots of invitations like me, you might have to visit relatives, friends, fiends of friends and what not. You can't stay off the sweets and increasing an extra kilo is a real no for all of us so here are a few simple tips to fight it out.

  • Water
Drink as much warm water as you can, especially empty stomached in the morning and just before going to sleep. It will help you cut on the extra fat that your body might have started to store

  • Sweetless
Go sweetless at home, since already sweet intake has gone up because of the festival, cut down on your chocolates and biscuits.

  • Wheatgrass
Try drinking natural wheat grass juice it will remove all the toxins that you have assimilated either through overeating or even with a change in sleeping pattern. You could even take ready made wheat grass juice

  • Fruits
Make fruits your company for these few days, so that the energy level in your body does not go down even if the sugar level does. It will give you ample sugar and help your skin to glow

  • Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera needs to be consumed to keep any skin issues at bay that might lead to making your skin oily or any kind of pimples that might attack you, keep taking Aloe Vera juice in small portions or you can rub the gel on your body to get a natural glow

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