Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Give your Fragrance

The Diwali season also marks the commencement of the wedding season in India. Many people wait to get married at this time of the year as it is said in our holy scriptures also that these months have the most auspicious days to tie the knot.

Many of my friends are in the process of finding partners this year, some by getting it arranged and others by undying love. People are getting engaged, hooked and married in every corner of this country.

Recently I was invited to a cousin’s engagement ceremony and since it was an inter-caste relationship we knew nothing about their customs and traditions. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun by discussions and leg pulling!

My parents asked me for advice when they wanted to gift them something special and different. I had recently heard of products from my friends and this was my time to take it forward. I looked up on the site and they had four flavors –
1 cool Blue
2 fresh green
3 flowery pink
4 musk black

And all these are available in bottles for room fresheners and car fragrances. The best thing about this product being that it is gel form unlike other fragrances and therefore it doesn't spill or evaporate.

It is highly cost effective as it can be used for a longer time, that’s exactly what we all desire, right!

So after the whole long discussion about what to gift the newly engaged couple we zeroed down on this Godrej product for our rescue.

We bought home fragrances for them and we gave them a bottle of Fresh Green and Flowery Pink so that they have a mix of two distinct fragrances. As soon as they got it, they opened and spread it in the banquet hall to check how well it works. The hall was smelling of fresh green from everywhere and there were guests who wanted to know which flowers did we get and then me and my cousin just winked.

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