Sunday, 27 October 2013

Godrej Aer - My savior

 I told you in the last article that I bought two fragrances to try for myself and how sure I wanted to be before sending it out to anyone. I tried the rose fragrance for my home and the musk car fragrance for my car.

I put in the car before going for work as I thought it would keep my Monday morning blues at bay but there was something else that happened. I used the Musk fragrance for my car and I am so happy because incidentally I dropped soya milk in my car that very day itself. I dreaded the series of consequences that I would have to face now, since I stay alone I would have to take the pain of taking the car to the garage and get it cleaned and mainly get the filthy smell out! I somehow managed to get it cleaned and I had kept my tissues ready to cover my nose before getting into the car.

As I entered the car in the evening dreaded and prepared to my surprise I did not find any foul smell, in fact the car smelled of the musk perfume that I had put. I absolutely have no words for how grateful I was to this who made such a product which could surpass the smell of spilled milk.

It was that very day that I had planned to go for dinner with my girlies but after the milk accident, I cancelled my plans. I was sure that I would have to go to the garage. I started calling everyone from the car itself and told them how one car perfume had changed the course of events and I could carry forward my awesome dinner.

All in all it was not a well begun but a well spent Monday and all thanks to my godrej aer musk car perfume that saved me all the trouble. Girlies try it and tell me know how you liked it.

Happy Styling!


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