Monday, 21 October 2013

How to kill time in style - Karva Chauth

All you women might be happily hungry today and would love to fast for your dear husbands or life partners. I understand that, though I never fasted for this reason but I appreciate the effort and the love that goes behind the ritual and how much you adore it or take pride in it.

Here I have a list of few stylish ways with which you can kill your time and not feel hungry -

  • Beauty Treatments
Book a full day spa and hair color, re-bonding etc on this day. You are going to take long hours and you will get good company who is also suffering equally. Also it will add to your night love session. Your man will be all over you for the fast and at the same time you would look the best.

  • Watch movies
Watch gross movies like anaconda or Jurassic park, I am sure appetite will be killed soon. If not for that watch a few gruesome horror flicks. It should work well for you

  • Go shopping
Do all your Diwali shopping tomorrow with your girlies, you wont even realize when the sun will set and the time to eat your food will come. trust me it will help you in more than one ways!

Hope you find this useful

Happy Styling!

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