Sunday, 20 October 2013

Style your Smell

It is that time of the year again when the air smells of the festivities. If you ask me I would say I can recognize the month of festivities with the beautiful fragrance. The new thing that I have added to my bunch of smells is . It has a bunch of smells to choose from for your home and car.

I love to take control of the air I breathe in and the best would be by spreading the fragrance around. Every season has a distinct fragrance and for best results you should choose them according to the natural cycle. Here I have a few ideas for you-

If you start by the beginning of the year it is chilly and the air still smells of the festivities.  I love to style myself in dark and loud colors – black being the best choice for me. It begins with overcoats and sweaters to even my nail paints.  My pick from Godrej aer gang for winters is Musk.

As we move to the next season spring the air changes completely, it moves towards being warm and smells of flowers around. The newly grown flowers create a different mood altogether and I love to dress myself in bold pinks and mauves. So my choice from Godrej aer gang for spring smell is Rose and jasmine.

Going towards the mid of the year comes the summer season and we all know how it gets in summers. We kind of even hate it sometimes, at least I do. How much ever short clothes I get to wear, I don’t like the heat around. Moreover it gets so sticky and I like to be fresh all the time.  My favorite for summers from Godrej aer is cool blue.

Finally the rains come which we all desperately wait for. You can see the happiness around with the lush green meadows and flourishing greenery around. I can’t explain how much I love the smell of the rains around. I feel like a peacock and dance to the rain tunes. No brownie points for guessing my favorite from Godrej aer for rainy season is fresh green.

Happy Styling!

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