Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Love in Style

He is in the U S and I am here in India. I have not seen him in two years. We both love each other a lot but all our conversations in the last few years have been restricted to phone and skype. I don't know how things will be when he comes back.

We have been childhood sweethearts but life has changed now. I am not too sure on what I want from my life and so is he. He is a stern businessman and me a free lance writer and teacher.  Our social groups have become different and also our financial status.

In the middle this dilemma I got the news that he is coming to India for good. This morning he sent me a mail that he wants to meet me. Needless to say our families want us to tie the knot soon. But I am scared, for what is going to happen next, if he started liking someone there or anything else.

The D day has come and I have to meet him today. I don't know how to dress, should I be wearing a suit or a long dress or what!

I manage to pull out a new yellow netted top that I bought from hill road. A black jeans to make it look subtle and red pumps. I put on little make up with a bright red lip color. Though it looked sober for a date but I was not sure what kind of a date it was.

We went to this pool side restaurant and sat quietly. There was an uncomfortable silence that had crept in. The nervousness had killed my appetite. He started the conversation and we spoke about random mundane things to make it easy. Soon after our food came which was Vegetable Sizzler which is usually my favorite and after that sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream. I was surprised that he remembered so much and very happy inside.

We spoke for a while and he dropped me home. As I was opening the door of the car, he just pulled out a rose from nowhere. He gave it to me and said 'You are my life, I love you'. He kissed me on my cheek and I must have turned tomato red. He then showed me the platinum ring that he had bought for me. He told me that he was looking forward to meeting and was equally anxious. He also said he was sure I would love this gesture and how much he missed me back there.

Platinum is best suited for our love because our love for each other has stood strong. Despite the distance we have still been there for each other and the distance has only got our hearts fonder. Our love is like the Platinum rare and eternal. When it is with us it just beautifies us and we are proud to be in this relationship like it is with Platinum. That day has proved that we should celebrate our bond with nothing less than the worth of Platinum love bands for each other.

We will always cherish this date night!

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  1. Its so nice to hear that even after being so far your partner remembered your small small things. You are very lucky to have a person like him.
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