Friday, 25 October 2013

Gift in Style

It is Diwali and we are thinking of what to gift our friends loved ones; I have this habit of giving all my friends something new every year. This year when I was looking up on the net to check what is new, a new range of Godrej air fragrances Godrej Aer caught my attention. Though not very sure but I wanted to give it a try.

The next day I went to the market and I bought two fragrances- Petal Crush Pink for my home and Musk for my car. I was very curious to know how well these work before actually sending it out to my friends. I always get compliments for whatever I send them every year and it would be my responsibility to choose the best option.

I put the Petal Crush Pink in my home and believe me it made my house smell so fresh right in the morning. I put it all over the house and a little extra in my room because I love the flowery, fruity smell. It stayed for good 4-5 hours and even when I returned from work in the evening the house was still fragrant and I could feel the change. It was like a stress buster when I entered into a flowery smelling room at night, it made me so fresh just after a bath.

Now I am really sure of what I would like to send across to all my friends. The best is that I have four options to choose from, I would send car fragrances for all the men and the women will get the home fragrances.

Here goes my list of choosing flavors depending on their choices,

My sister – Cool blue
My Mom – Petal Crush Pink
My dad – Fresh Green perfume
My Guy – Musk car perfume

Apart from this the childhood friends will get everything according to how they are –
Blue for the Cool
Green for the Cute
Pink for the Flower lover
Musk for the Boys.

I think you would have gotten some help for choosing fragrances for your friends.

Happy Styling!

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