Saturday, 30 March 2013

5 Foods to clear skin

We all know tropical summers and trouble it gives. We need to let our skin be as clear as in the other months of the year. We all apply face packs and face wash but forget that your body will radiate only what it has assimilated through food.

Here is a list of 5 summer friendly foods

  • Aloe Vera
You may or may not know but Aloe Vera is one recipe for clear skin since centuries.

How to use

You can Rub Aloe Vera gel on your face.
You can drink the Aloe Vera Gel juice
You can knead the dough with the Aloe Vera Gel and trust me you wont even feel the difference

  • Cucumber
Cucumber has great cooling characteristics and it can help all the heat flush out of your body.

How to use 

Eat as much as you can
Keep cucumber slice on your eyes to cool them
Use cucumber based skin products.

  • Mint

Mint is another leaf which has various uses in the Indian Kitchen used as a coolant

How to use 

Eat as much in salads 
Drink homemade pana
Use mint based face packs

  • Grapes

Grapes help you clear your skin and help to regulate your digestive system

How to use 

Eat as much you can raw
Drink plenty of Juice
Eat in the dried form as raisins for hemoglobin

  • Neem

Neem has skin clearing characteristics since time immemorial

How to use

Drink neem juice
Try consuming it in various forms as possible
Use in face packs as much as possible 

Girlies try these methods and do let us know

Happy Styling!

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