Saturday, 20 April 2013


Today we focus on Rocky S style and bridal collection, for this wedding season you can gear up to get reviews from us. Each of these posts will show you insight to a few designs.

My personal picks from his collections

Bipasha looks splendid in this outfit. I typically love the red and blue color shades which have been used. Most of the times the drape of the Sari changes the look, the double drape adds to the style. It has a medium border to make it decorative but at the same time it does not look garish.

Rating - 8/10

This red and blue Sari looks so smart and so wearable, it brings out the best in any girl. I think this is a must have in any color for every woman who loves wearing a Sari. It is apt for any occasion.

Rating - 9/10

The red and gold combination is a must have for every girl. I like both the drapes and they are unique in their own way. Once you are the bride yourself you should take the second look but being the bridesmaid you can try any drape and make it look sexy

Rating - 8/10

I wish you are liking our updates on bridal designer wear.

Happy styling!

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  1. Quiet subtle and close rating
    Can't think of more accurate rating
    Great work style sagga team