Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The yatra with Yatra

The yatra

My grandmother had gone to Mumbai for her Cancer treatment and when we booked her ticket there was some spelling error in her name. So told us to cancel that ticket and buy a new one because of the security checking at the airport,we did exactly that.

we cancelled that ticket and bought a new one to avoid any issues at the airport but now Yatra people are not returning us the money due for the cancelled ticket because they feel it the airline's fault but why should the customer suffer?

when Yatra takes processing fee and cancellation fee from the customer why are they not returning back our money and why have we been held for so long?

If this did not matter to them they should not have told us in the first place.

This matter needs to be looked at.

i have the scanned copies of my boarding passes and the complaint number, it has been over 1 month and no action has been taken.

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