Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Delhi Couture week was indeed an experience to see for all the style loving people, there is ample amount of newness and creativity in every ensemble that you see. I have made a collection of my best picks from the Delhi Couture week and here it is.

I love the beige and grey combination and also the bride and groom style. I always feel it is a wonderful idea for couples to wear complementing clothes I feel it can just add to the whole flavor of the wedding or the function even at other small gatherings it just makes them stand apart and stand close.

rating - 8/10

I dont really find this outfit very great but then I like the colors used and how bright they are, even with a lesser amount of embroidery and gold it still looks very much like a party wear.

rating - 7/10

Ritu Beri can never fail to amuse me, the gold and blue makes any woman look the best. As a matter of fact I feel this color goes very well with the Indian skin I like the flow of the skirt.

rating - 8/10

  Just because these clothes are a visual treat!

Happy Styling

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