Thursday, 15 August 2013

mixed emotions

Sometimes it gets so difficult to pen down your thoughts even if you are used to this whole exercise, the mind is running its own race and the heart is busy with someone else in the crowd. Sometimes you just don't want to stick to societal norms and all that jazz.

At times I snuggle up in my blanket and forget how old I am, I want to eat tons and tons of chocolates and maggi and not think of the weight gain. Nevertheless my life is not so simple I hope same is yours.

My besties and I are planning a huge night out because we need to catch up on a lot of things we have not met for long not and drink and drop dead on the bed.

There have been lots and lots of updates people are falling into relationships then some are falling out of it, people are getting engaged, married, pregnant and then there are people like me exactly where they were in the relationship scene since a few years now.

I am missing the sprite and vodka mix, with some music to groove so that to top our conversations.
Let me now make some super plans for this weekend.


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