Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Eating to detox

We normally think of our daily routines and stick to them, we take 3 meals in a day and what we usually forget is exactly what we need to remember. We forget talking to our bodies and catering to its needs. For example you have been eating the same food for a while and you have stuck to this food routine for years but understand as we grow up our bodies requirements will change almost every 5 years, depending on our daily activities.

I have been staying our of my house for over 6 years now and I have been regularly eating out. I eat the same curries and maida rotis. But apart from a few stomach troubles I have never had any issue. Its only since 2 days that I am realizing that my digestive system needs a break too. Not only because I have been eating out but it is tired of all the amount of food I have had.

My food routine for today was -

11 am - soya milk
2 pm - Idli and fresh lime soda
9 pm - normal dinner (chapati and curry)

This is what I will follow for the nest 2-3 days.

Now you need not do this like me but understand we all need to detox so keep it easier on food and more on juices and milk. Try eating only one full meal, trust me your body feels awesome. It will feel totally fresh and clean. Again when you start eating at a normal pace it will be more ready to digest it.

Taking care of your body is always in style

Happy Styling!

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