Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shraddha Kapoor - Get the look

Looking like celebrities and knowing their style tips and tricks was never so easy as it has become now. These days the more I see these celebrity looks the more I want to share it because the festive season is right here. Plus these looks are so simple and easy to get.

I love her pants and you all must have seen them in and other places as well. I would have had her in a brighter jacket instead of black leather, something like a royal blue or an olive green or even white.

Lets create this look on you and lets go animal friendly with

Make a base for your face first

Eye Makeup

I think you guys will find these tips interesting for your look.

Let us know how you liked it

Happy Styling!

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  1. thaank you soo very much..i think these steps will help me look even more nice and pretty and it'll help enhance my beauty...i alwayzz loved natural make-up..:)