Saturday, 19 October 2013

Style Your home for Diwali

I was making my checklist for Diwali this morning and I had put in almost everything from clothes shopping, sweets, gifts, to other household items that I will require. One product that has been added in today’s list was Godrej Aer after my husband’s persuasion.

We haven’t painted the house in a few years now and he didn't want it to look old so he introduced me to this new thing called Godrej Aer which is an air fresher; the same thing that he uses for his car. He told me that it works amazingly in his car and he never smells of last night food or anything that was spill. He loves the musk fragrance and I am happy that he finally found something in Musk. He has a collection of Musk perfumes.

Though for me I like flowery fragrances better, it fact I was the most surprised when I looked up and found they have rose and musk both; for me it was like me and him. I loved the rose fragrance.

It intrigues me how the festival fragrance changes the whole atmosphere of the house. The warm air outside has changed into a cool breeze. An evening with a long drive in an open restaurant with lovely food and dessert is the ultimate thing. And trust me the lovely fragrance with the long drive makes it more romantic for us.

We always have a big Diwali party at our home for our relatives and friends, and every year I make sure that I do something new so this year I am going to use this fragrance to style my house. I have thought of putting it all around the living room and the bed rooms a little more at the entrance of my home. And I am planning to buy 3 fragrances one for each day of Diwali for my house.

I am going shopping to style my home with this fragrance do let me know what do you plan to do.

Happy Styling!
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